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BioMinimal Endodontics: Safe and Efficient

BioMinimal Endodontics is an emerging philosophy that emphasizes the conservation of natural tissue and the application of sustainable practices. Within the medical field, this philosophy takes shape as an approach that prioritizes the use of minimally invasive techniques and technologies to achieve optimal clinical outcomes while minimizing the impact on the patient's body. In the realm of endodontics, the essence of biominimalism lies in the preservation of natural tooth structures like dentin and pulp, coupled with the effective treatment of infections.

The field of regenerative endodontics is a promising avenue, striving to restore damaged structures and cells within the pulp-dentin complex through biologically based minimal procedures. With ongoing advances in tissue engineering and technology, dentists now have access to innovative therapeutic options, including pulpal regeneration. This lecture delves into minimal biological endodontic treatment approaches for both vital and devital immature and mature teeth, drawing from personal clinical cases with long-term follow-ups.

Furthermore, we will explore the limitations and advantages of regenerative endodontic therapy and the pivotal role of biominimalism in contemporary endodontic practice. By shedding light on the scientific foundations of biominimalism and regenerative endodontics, this lecture aims to contribute to the expanding body of research in the field and to advocate for the adoption of sustainable and minimally invasive practices in endodontic treatment.

Prof. Tugba Turk

Prof. Tugba Turk

Dr. Tugba Turk is a Professor in the Department of Endodontology at the Faculty of Dentistry, Ege University in Izmir, Turkey. She obtained her DDS degree and completed her PhD at Ege University. As a full-time faculty member, she is involved in teaching undergraduate and graduate students, and supervising PhD students. Additionally, she has given lectures at postgraduate programs at Sapienza University of Rome, Italy, and Université libre de Bruxelles, Belgium.

Dr. Turk has published several articles, received awards for her scientific studies, and presented at national and international conferences. She also serves as an editor and reviewer for several national and international journals. She is a member of the European Society of Endodontology, the Turkish Endodontic Society, and The Society of Stem Cell and Cellular Treatments.

Dr. Turk's research focus is on bio-minimal endodontic treatments, regenerative endodontics, dental stem cells, tissue engineering, and vital pulp therapies. Her expertise in these areas has enabled her to conduct clinical regenerative endodontic therapies involving a significant number of patients. Dr. Turk has published numerous articles, received several scientific awards, and presented at many international conferences including ESE, SIE, IES, BES, APEC, BDS, EDSI, MIDS Congresses.

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