21th Scientific Congress of BgDA

Fixed prosthetics - from analog to digital solutions

Fixed prosthetic structures on natural teeth and/or dental implants is a preferred method of prosthetic treatment for partial or complete edentulism. The current progress in the field of dentistry has created new possibilities for taking information from the prosthetic field, designing and manufacturing the fixed prostheses. The range of innovative materials widely used for metal and non-metal restorations is constantly expanding. The choice between composite and ceramic materials, single-component and multi-component structures produced by pressing, milling or 3D printing creates new treatment possibilities and challenges.

The lecture will clarify the indications for using analog and digital methods for registering and transferring information. Digital possibilities for diagnosis and analysis of the obtained data will be considered to improve communication with the patient and the dental laboratory. The different approaches using intraoral scanning depending on the type of preparation margin and retraction technique will be demonstrated. The advantages and limitations of modern digital methods in permanent prosthetics and the relationship with the choice of restorative materials will be presented. It will be explained in detail how to make the right choice of cementing protocol and present the results of a scientific study on the adhesive bond strength of different types of cementing agents.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Todor Tsonkov Uzunov, PhD

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Todor Tsonkov Uzunov, PhD

Associate Professor Todor Uzunov is vice dean of international cooperation and foreign language education at FDM, MU-Sofia, national expert in "Prosthetic Dental Medicine" at the expert council on specialized dental activities of the Ministry of Health, head of the Department " Prosthetic Dental Medicine" at FDM, MU-Sofia. Institutional coordinator of Erasmus+ program of FDM, MU-Sofia. Vice chairman of the Bulgarian Dental Union and chairman of the Communication Commission from 2017-2022 y.

Chairman of the editorial board of "DentaMedika" newspaper - official printed body of BZS. Two terms organizational secretary of the Bulgarian Scientific Society of Dental Medicine. Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the National Scientific Congress of the Bulgarian Dental Union. Awarded with the certificate for the most successful scientific development of PhD students for the period 2003-2005 in the field of Dental Medicine. Awarded with the badge of honor "Signum laudis" on a leather plaque for special merits for the functioning and development of MU - Sofia in the years of his professional realization. Associate Professor Todor Uzunov has acquired a specialty in Prosthetic Dentistry and Dental Implantology. Head of five scientific university projects at MU-Sofia, three of which were awarded an "Excellent" rating. 

There are over 120 scientific publications and participation in scientific congresses, symposia and conferences in Bulgaria and abroad, over 30 lectures delivered at national and international congresses.

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