20th Scientific Congress of BgDA

Digital Dentistry – New Milestone in Dental Profession

Digital dentistry is more than just a way to create prosthodontic artworks. In enables new workflow, which is faster, more precise and less prone to errors. It favourises simplicity, repeatability, productibility and finally, offers better overall results.
Intraoral scanners, such as Vivascan, are used in digital dentistry for rapid image-taking of the patient’s intraoral structures. The images, called digital impressions, are then imported into the CAD/CAM software to design and manufacture dental restorations, such as dentures, crowns, veneers and dental implants. The digital impressions are also useful to plan orthodontic treatments and create orthodontic appliances.
Central occlusion preservation, digital mock-up, import of other digital media, such as photography enables a completely new approach to dental restoration.In this lecture, complete workflow of digital dentistry is shown on practical examples. Via cases, advantages of intraoral scanning are really getting more prominent. From one tooth to a complete mouth restoration, digital dentistry presents a new milestone in dental profession.
Prof. Dr. Danimir Jevremović

Prof. Dr. Danimir Jevremović

2001 Graduated School of Dentistry, Uni Belgrade
2002 Assistant Uni Belgrade
2005 MSc, Uni Belgrade
2007 Specialization Dental prosthodontics
2008 PhD, Uni Belgrade
2008 Sales Serbia & Montenegro Ivoclar Vivadent
2009 Assistant professor, School of Dentistry Pančevo
2014 Associate professor, School of Dentistry Pančevo
2017 Professor, School of Dentistry Pančevo
2019 Professional Service South Eastern Europe Ivoclar Vivadent
2019 Vice Dean for Science, School of Dentistry Pančevo

Danimir Jevremović was born on November, 1978. He graduated School of Dentistry with all highest marks, and became youngest and the best graduate on University of Belgrade, Serbia. During master studies (2005), specialization (2007) and PhD thesis (2008) he deals with contemporary all ceramics systems, adhesive restoration and principles of minimally invasive dentistry. Known for his artistic understanding of dentistry, he derives prosthodontics as an interference of smile beauty and team talent. Start of Ivoclar Vivadent career began in 2008, being Business Development Manager for Serbia & Montenegro. In 2009, he becomes Assistant professor at University Business Academy, School of Dentistry, Pančevo. He broadens ideas through exchange visits in Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Germany, England and Wales. In 2015, he becomes Associate professor, and in 2017 he gains Professor title at the same Faculty. Since 2017., he is a Chairman of Dental Prosthodontic clinic, Chief of Ethical committee and Head of Department of Clinical Dentistry in School of Dentistry, Pančevo. In 2019, Ivoclar Vivadent declares him as Professional Service for the region of South Eastern Europe. Since 2019, he is a vice Dean for science at the Faculty. He has one book, two monographies and one practical notebook for dental students. He is author and co-author of numerous scientific publications, participant in international projects, as well as lecturer and demonstrator on domestic and international symposia.

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