20th Scientific Congress of BgDA

4D Endodontics

Endodontic problems require treatment in four dimensions - pain control, mechanical preparation, disinfection and root canal obturation. Three-dimensional diagnosis and the right choice of treatment methods can increase the success rate and lead to preservation of teeth with unfavorable prognosis. Modern equipment and tools allow the preservation of the natural anatomy of the endodontic space, its three-dimensional disinfection and obturation. This lecture discusses the characteristics and properties of the rotary instruments, ways to use them, the reasons for their fracture, the criteria for choosing a system according to the clinical case. Strategies for three-dimensional root canal treatment using fully mechanical protocol with VDW.Rotate are presented. Participants will learn how they can use modern technologies and tools for disinfection of the root canal system. The lecture will present methods and tools for three-dimensional obturation of root canals. Pain control strategies will be discussed - before, during and after treatment. The lecture is illustrated with a large number of photos and videos of own clinical cases.

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